3 Common Reasons for Visiting a Freestanding Emergency Room

freestanding emergency room Mesquite, TX

A freestanding emergency room is a good facility to go to for your medical needs. The facilities treat many injured and ill patients every year. Freestanding facilities are equipped to handle all kinds of emergencies all under one roof. Read on to find out the range of services offered at freestanding emergency rooms.

Services offered at a freestanding emergency room

Freestanding emergency rooms are open 24 hours every day and can deal with any situations that may arise. Patients can get quality care from highly skilled doctors and nurses at any time. These facilities offer a range of services that can help treat a variety of conditions. A patient can benefit immensely by visiting them. Here are three common services that are offered at a freestanding facility.

Imaging and radiology services

Freestanding emergency rooms use state-of-the-art digital equipment to provide important diagnostic services. These include ultrasound, CT scans, MRI and X-ray services. A computed tomography (CT) scan is basically an imaging method that makes use of X-rays to make detailed pictures of the cross-sections of the body. An MRI is a test that uses powerful radio waves and magnets to create pictures of the body. The images are often either stored on a computer or printed on film. All these tools help health care providers to accurately and quickly diagnose internal injuries and illnesses.


The facilities have qualified and experienced health care providers. They can treat a wide range of conditions. The medical practitioners can treat all types of life-threatening emergencies or conditions ranging from chest pain, stroke to severe bleeding. People who have trouble breathing, chest pain, abdominal pain or major burns can benefit from going to the facilities.

Freestanding emergency rooms can get patients in and out quickly because the doctors and nurses handle many different types of critical situations every day. The medical practitioners, in turn, have a lot of experience. Their experience, education and training make it possible for them to deal effectively with problems quickly.

Pediatric services

The facilities provide quality and comprehensive care for children. Both adults and children can benefit from visiting them. Many of the doctors have focused on areas like pediatric emergency medicine. This makes them suited to cater to the medical needs of children. Parents are always encouraged to take children to these facilities for treatment. The health care providers can treat a large variety of conditions that affect kids. The medical practitioners can help children who need prompt medical attention.

Visit a freestanding emergency room for emergency medical care

Health care providers at freestanding emergency rooms can provide high-quality care to patients of all ages. The facilities offer a range of diagnostic services for quick, convenient care. If you need immediate medical attention from highly trained and experienced doctors and nurses, you should visit a freestanding emergency room. Going to these facilities is very convenient. Freestanding facilities are usually open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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