Full Service Emergency Room: Tips for Parents for Children

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Though a visit to the full service emergency room may be at a terrible time, there is nothing to be scared of. The doctors, nurses and staff will work hard to take care of you and meet your needs. You may someday need to take your child to the ER. It is helpful to teach your son or daughter about what happens here and how the medical personnel looks after patients.

What the full service emergency room offers

Whether from an accident, injury or illness, people of all ages face serious conditions that lead them to the emergency room. These departments are always open and ready to help people overcome potentially life-threatening situations. The ER has both diagnostic and treatment capabilities. At the ER, doctors can run tests on patients using X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and ultrasounds. There is an on-site lab that can do bloodwork and process urine samples to identify or rule out certain diseases and sicknesses. Emergency room personnel can also monitor vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels.

When patients should come to the ER

The full service emergency room is primarily for people showing symptoms of the most critical conditions. Without prompt intervention, the person could die. These issues include difficulty breathing, heavy bleeding, severe chest pain, unconsciousness, significant fractures and injuries to vital organs. Many people who arrive at the emergency room do so by ambulance after calling 911. Other patients may drive themselves or have a friend or family member bring them.

When parents should take their children to the ER

The list of reasons to come to the full service emergency room is a little longer for children, especially babies. Infants with fevers of more than 102 degrees need ER attention. Also, if a baby is having difficulty waking up, a parent should make a visit to the emergency room. Frequent and heavy vomiting is another cause for a trip to the emergency room.

For older children, broken bones after a sports injury would be a reason to head to a full service emergency room. Also, any cut that appears to be deeper than an inch will need stitches and immediate medical attention to prevent infection. If a child is having trouble breathing, parents should take them to the ER as it may be a sign of pneumonia.

Preparing children

Parents should be positive and encouraging with their children about receiving medical care. Parents can reassure young children that the doctors and nurses are well-trained to treat a wide range of health problems. It also may help for caregivers to share full service emergency room experiences from when they were younger.

The right choice for the right occasion

The full service emergency room serves an important purpose in your well-being. Though you want to avoid going to such a place, you can feel at ease knowing help is available for your most critical needs. The medical care provided there can save yours or your child’s life.

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