Medical Emergency -Should I Go to the Freestanding Emergency Department or an Urgent Care?

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You may or may not know how a freestanding emergency department differs from other medical facilities. You should know the differences so you can ensure your kids get the right treatment during a time of need. Your children may face serious medical issues at some point. Getting good care will give them relief and help you feel peace of mind.

How a freestanding emergency department compares with other places

In a moment of need, many parents debate where to take kids for medical treatment. All kids will need care for various ailments at some point. Most often, parents will make appointments at the family doctor’s office. This is the right place to come for routine checkups and minor illnesses and injuries. An urgent care center can also diagnose and treat these types of conditions, but it may be a good choice if it is after hours and the doctor’s office is closed.

A freestanding emergency department can handle more serious situations such as difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, heart problems and traumatic injuries. This facility is always open and does not require an appointment. Unlike a traditional ER, it operates alone and is not connected to a hospital.

Handling cuts

This is one of the most common injuries that kids suffer. Kids cut hands or fingers on sharp objects such as tin can lids or knives. Accidents such as falls or collisions may also open the skin and cause bleeding. Most of the time, parents can clean the wound and put a bandage on the site to take care of it. If this simple method does not control the bleeding, additional help may be necessary.

Profuse bleeding

Going to the freestanding emergency department is the right decision when the bleeding does not stop after about 10 minutes of direct pressure. If this happens, the bandage or cloth may be soaked with blood. Parents should take the child to the ER right away for treatment.

Depth of the cut

Some cuts are small enough that the child will not need stitches. However, if the cut is half an inch or deeper, a doctor will need to close the wound to prevent further damage. If the cut is deep enough, there may also be nerve damage. Staff at a freestanding emergency department can assess and treat the injury.

When urgent care can handle the scrape or cut

Knowing whether to go to a freestanding emergency department or urgent care can be challenging. If the injury occurs late in the day and the urgent care facility is closed, the ER is the right place to come. When the parent can control the bleeding, but the wound still needs stitches, urgent care can handle it.

Bound to happen

As a parent, you can count on one of your kids getting a scrape or cut. You hope this injury is never bad enough to require a trip to the freestanding emergency department. Still, you can have a lot of comfort to know that the nurses and doctors here can help and quickly mend your child’s wound.

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